General Program Information

HIBI is a premium assistance program for Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program) members. It sends monthly payments to members for all or a portion of the cost of their commercial health insurance premiums, and in some cases also reimburses for deductibles, coinsurance, and co-pays.

Can I receive benefits from Colorado HIBI and Health First Colorado at the same time?
Yes.  To be eligible for the Colorado HIBI Program, an applicant must be Health First Colorado eligible within the state of Colorado.  You will have access to benefits from both programs for as long as you are eligible for each program (separately).

Will HIBI pay for my entire family’s health insurance coverage?
No.  But in some cases an applicant will be eligible to be paid for the monthly cost to cover a non-Health First Colorado policyholder’s portion of the commercial health insurance premium.  Learn more.

Why should I apply if my child already receives Health First Colorado?
If your child is eligible, HIBI will pay for your child’s commercial health insurance coverage.  Commercial health insurance coverage gives your child additional health care benefits they may not have as a Health First Colorado member. As a participant, your child will have access to a wider network of specialists that can serve their specific health care needs. As the policy holder you may receive reimbursements for deductibles, coinsurance, and co-pays paid to non-Health First Colorado providers for Health First Colorado covered services.

Are payments past periods allowed for new HIBI participants?
The start date of premium payments will be effective the month the member applied for the HIBI Program. If there is a possibility that it may affect the status of the member’s continued coverage, the program may consider reimbursing a member’s premium for periods up to three months before his/hers HIBI participation start date.

Why is the State offering additional assistance to Health First Colorado clients?
When HIBI offers payment for commercial health insurance it helps save taxpayer dollars by decreasing the annual cost of Health First Colorado members’ medical expenditures.