Other Partners

Colorado HIBI partners are groups that serve Health First Colorado clients. Our partners are those that actively refer Health First Colorado clients to the Colorado HIBI program.  Among partnering groups are providers and Health First Colorado caseworkers. Other partnering groups are listed below. Find the group that best describes you. An educational presentation and poster are available for each group.

Material to print and share with Health First Colorado clients:

Educational Materials for Employers and Benefits Coordinators

Please refer current employees and employees who become eligible for COBRA to the Colorado HIBI program.

Educational Materials for Health-related Support Group Facilitators

Your members may qualify for additional health care benefits available through Colorado HIBI if they are Health First Colorado eligible and have access to commercial health insurance. Please share program information with your group members

Educational Materials for Health Insurance Brokers

Please share information regarding the Colorado HIBI program when providing health benefit products to clients, such as employers, that offer insurance to their employees.

Learn more or contact Outreach@MyCOHIBI.com for assistance.